Active Phonics classes introduce children to phonic sounds and letters through multi-sensory activities and fun games.


We deliver high quality, informal and fun phonics classes to nurseries and pre-Schools, as well as running parent and child classes in the community. The sessions are designed on the principles from the Government document ‘Letters and Sounds’.


Our classes are aimed at children who are getting ready to read; they are suitable for children with little or no phonic knowledge. During the course of the classes, we aim to develop children’s speaking and listening skills and lay the foundations for reading.


In the classes children will:

Be encouraged to listen carefully


•Be encouraged to speak clearly and audibly


•Become familiar with rhyme, rhythm and alliteration


•Begin to distinguish between sounds in words


•Explore and experiment with sounds and words


•Increase their vocabulary


•Be introduced to the first grapheme phoneme correspondences


•Begin to blend to read simple CVC words


•Have FUN!

Class Timetable

Monday 7th November-12th December

Seven Arts Café, Chapel Allerton, Leeds at 12.30pm


Sessions are fast moving and full of fun and learning opportunities. There are lots of activities involving movement, games and craft to keep the little ones on their toes and busy. Rachel is friendly and great with the children. Would highly recommend :-)

My son's have thoroughly enjoyed active phonics. Not only has Rachel taught me how to correctly pronounce letters but the boys can associate what they've learnt to everyday items at home. Rachel is excellent with the kids. She makes sure each child is engaged and has made the activities fun and relevant. Would recommend.


Mum of 2 boys, aged 3 1/2 years and 2 years

My daughter Maisy had had a great time at each of the classes over the last few weeks. Her favourite learning so far is from today's class. The letter 'P' she especially likes her little pig that she made too... The classes have been really interactive and fun for all. Even I have learnt a thing or too from Rachel which is helping me help Maisy! Highly recommend.


Mum of 2 girls, aged 4 years and 1 year

Lesley Kershaw

Lesley's Day Nursery, Leeds